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Looking for a challenging and rewarding career in finance? We are always open to hearing from enthusiastic and committed people. Look out for openings posted below or send us a copy of your resume and cover letter.

Financial Analyst - Contractor, Business Valuations

Job Summary

Private Valuations, Inc. is seeking an independent contractor to work as a financial analyst on a wide variety of business valuation engagements. The “Financial Analyst – Contractor” will be responsible for projects from inception to completion.  This includes working with the client to collect data, conducting management interviews and other due diligence, financial analysis and modeling as well as writing valuation reports.  The “Financial Analyst – Contractor” will work on a fee-share basis, with the fee set on a project by project basis.  Remote (i.e. non-local) candidates are free to apply (as long as the application criteria are met below).

Please note the specific requirements before applying.


  • This position requires a Bachelors degree in finance and/or accounting. A CPA and/or a recognized accreditation in business valuation (ASA, CVA, ABV, CBA), or a CFA is also a requirement. An MBA or equivalent is a plus. Applications not meeting these requirements will not be considered

  • At least 2 years of experience on business valuation projects, either with a firm or independently (we will ask to see at least two prior completed reports)

  • Strong analytical abilities and comfort with excel modeling

  • Excellent understanding of financial statement analysis, with the ability to work through key assumptions, implicit caveats, and limitations

  • A fundamental understanding of financial valuation theory, methodologies, and applications

  • Ability to work independently and multi-task on a variety of projects



Please include the following with your application (note, applications with either of these requirements missing will not be reviewed):

  1. A recent resume

  2. A short cover letter explaining your qualifications and experience doing business valuations

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