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Own Your Future


We guide small and medium sized companies through the complete sale process. We think it's important to spend time with you and do a “deep-dive” analysis on the people, history, operations, and culture of your company in order to truly understand what makes it tick. We craft individually tailored advice based on the specific situation.  We understand that selling your business is the culmination of many years of effort, so we make sure to carefully assess and identify all your goals with a sales process. From A-Z, we will be there for you every step of the way.


1. Our principals will be intimately involved in every aspect of the sales process. From the financial analysis and due diligence (the “weeds”) to negotiation and structuring (the “big picture”), we will be the your right-hand man so that you can concentrate on running your business.  These processes can be time-consuming and laborious; we aim to ease that burden.

2. Experience matters. We have years of proficiency running and executing transactions in a variety of industries. We are valuation experts, having completed thousands of valuations on local, regional, national, and international companies. We understand the valuation drivers that will matter in a sales process.

3. We take the time to ascertain what is important to you and work to achieve those goals. Valuation or price is only one piece of the puzzle! Business continuity, employee and management transition, deal structure, and buyer cultural fit are all also extremely important. We will consider all your goals and provide advice appropriately.

4. We are small, nimble, and efficient. We take pride in being a local firm with a smaller footprint but with the same capabilities and levels of expertise as some of our bigger competitors. We are able to adapt and be flexible to the needs of our core family-owned clients, while still providing a superior level of service. We can also often do this at a cost that is more practical for our clients.

sell-side process PHASE 1: Internal Focus on Planning & Preparation.

sell-side process PHASE 2: external focus on MARKETING, Negotiation, & closing.

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